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Jenesco Replacement Ozone Plates

Jenesco Replacement Ozone Plates

These are two sets of ozone plates made by Jenesco Inc, they’re compatible with the following ozone generators: PT109A (uses two plates, order one set) PT101-2K (uses two plates, order...

Holmes HAP424-U HEPA Air Ionizer

What Does An Air Ionizer Do?

Plenty of us suffer from allergies, want to get rid of a stubborn smell or are just concerned about our indoor air quality and have been recommended an air ionizer...

Enaly Replacement Ozone Tube

Enaly OZX-300AT Replacement Ozone Tube

This is the replacement ozone tube for the Enaly OZX-300AT. It is also compatible with the Enaly OXZ-300U ozone generator.     >>Get The Replacement Ozone Tube For The Enaly...